As a manufacturer and distributor of the SUNPOR brand, our objective is continuous development and search for better solutions for the global market.


Sulregas, a manufacturer and distributor of the SUNPOR Pivots brand, has as a priority the continuous development of its products and the search for the best solutions in order to present better answers in the global market.

SUNPOR Pivots engineering has recently increased its offer by placing new pivot models on the market, the 4100 and Pivot Solar

Pivot Center Fixed Circular

Easy assembly. Fully loaded with high quality iron.

Two, Three or Four Wheel Side Pivot

The ideal solution for medium to large distances / areas.

High traction center fully loaded iron with high strength and durability.


Angular Lateral Pivot

SUNPOR has developed the angular lateral pivot center from scratch thinking of more special situations where it is sometimes necessary to make use of a different configuration. Exclusivity SUNPOR Lateral and angular pivot for specific situations available for driving by "patin" or "cable.



Reduced labor

Combating pests and / or fertilizers/ phytosanitary treatments

Low power consumption

Efficiency in the distribution and use of water

Good and uniform prodution level

Control your equipment from your office

SUNPOR offers you the possibility to control your pivot from your mobile phone or PC.
In the event of a malfunction, you will always receive a message, allowing you to always know the status of your equipment

Standard Frame Analog

Digital Frame

Features: Left / Right, Dry Run / Water Run, Percentage Speed, Auto Reverse, Voltmeter, Safety Cut, Time Switch
Features: Left / Right, Dry Run / Water Run, Speed Percentage, Auto Reverse, Voltmeter, Safety Cut, Angle Shift, Mobile Phone Modem (optional), Time Switch