Water Spray

Uniformity has an advantage for this type of irrigation which measures the way water is supplied to the plants, spatially distributing it due to the reach of the sprinklers

Sprinklers are rotary devices formed by a single or double tube, with one or more calibrated holes, the rotational movement of which is ensured by an arm that moves due to the water pressure; the water jet has a rotational movement which is imparted to the sprayer through the arm and then returns to the initial position by the action of a spring.

These devices can be used directly, at pressures of 1.5 to 4 bars, or constitute one of the elements of a large capacity irrigation equipment; its range does not normally exceed 25 m.

The cannon designation is attributed to a large-scale boom that rotates slowly around a vertical axis and can distribute up to about 130 m3 / h of water, at a pressure of 3-6 bars and at a distance of ± 50 m, which corresponds to an area of ​​more than 1 há

Mobile Cannon mounted on an Automotive Frame

Equipment (self-propelled cannon) consisting of a self-propelled frame, where a hydraulic motor is mounted to drive the wheels and the winding coil of the hose, and a hydraulic piston steering system for hose guide.

Mobile Irrigation Cannons and Fixed Winding Systems

In this type of equipment, relatively small and light, the cannon is mounted on a support with wheels or roller skates.

Watering Can Mounted on a Movable Moving Frame

Traction can be carried out: by cable or by the hose itself.

This system can present a hose up to 600 m in length and have two cannons, 20 m apart, mounted on a cross bar.

Continuous Feed Cells

The amount of water distributed depends mainly on the canopy flow rate, jet range and feed velocity, and allows, for fixed cannons, a greater regularity in water distribution and a decrease in erosion resulting from successive impacts of the drops in the same area.

Considering the mobility of the cannon support and the winding coil of the hose (or cable) you have:

– Mobile irrigation cannon and frame with the fixed winding system
– Irrigation system mounted on a towed moving frame
– Mobile irrigation cannon mounted on a self-propelled frame

Fixed Irrigation Gauges

The drive and stop are controlled by the variation of the pressure of the feed water that causes impulses that are detected by an electrical device that allows to establish the program of the irrigations and their duration or, then, detected by a hydraulic device of which triggers the opening or closing of the cannon feed valves.