With SUNVISION control your equipment from your office!

SUNPOR’s remote management system integrates the lastest generation techonology, IOT (Internet of Things), including M2M communications and GPS positioning, in order to provide stable connectivity and effectivess.

The system allows the operation of pivots from any device with Internet connection and in real-time, introducing innovative features.

SUNPOR offers you the possibility to control your Pivot from your phone or computer with the SUNVISION framework that was designed and developed with unique features with respect to the global Pivot’s market.

Key Features

  • Access in real time to the input flow in the Pivot;
  • Access the Pivot entry pressure in real time;
  • Perform all management (online);

  • Strictly control watering times;
  • Real-time troubleshooting;
  • Rigorous control of water application in varied zones of cultivation and types of soils;
  • Weather information service for the next 8 days;
  • Spatial analysis of various irrigation parameters;
  • Compatible with all brands of pivots;
  • Visualization of Pivot and people next to it in real time;
Real-Time Monitoring
Analyze in real time the flow rate of the pivot and the pressure in it’s end/tip in an immediate way, comparing the values registered in the position in question with the project values.
Spatial Analysis of Operating Parameters
At the end of each turn, check the uniformity of the inlet flow and tip pressure at all the development of the anchor, and detect timely areas critical.
Variable Rate Irrigation
Easily define differentiated irrigation sectors with the use of visual field references.