Rega Gota-A-Gota

Disponibilizamos os maiores avanços em tubo gotejador, tubo altamente resistente ao entupimento, bem como a sua uniformidade na auto-compensação e projectamos o nosso conhecimento através de software modernizado e actualizado

A Sulregas prezasse por uma empresa pioneira no mercado Português nos sistemas de tubo gotejador. Disponibilizando aos nossos clientes uma vasta gama de tubo gotejador, elaborando sempre projectos vocacionados para a necessidade do cliente.


The drip system is one of the most effective irrigation systems in your crop. Easy installation can be applied to all types of agricultural land. We offer our customers the greatest advances in dripping tube, tube highly resistant to clogging, as well as its uniformity in self-compensation.


We commercialize technologically advanced filters, guaranteeing the farmer a pure and effective filtration.

due to our filtration systems that drastically reduce the number of cleanings, maximizing water and labor savings.
These benefits come from the design of a helical filter, designed meticulously to give the farmer a greater advantage and use of water. Maximum quality and safety in filtration, wide range of degrees in the disc filter. Robustness in the body and filter cover manufactured in technical thermoplastics. Threaded fastening system. Seal on the filter cover. Easy installation and maintenance. Resistant to chemicals. Automatic and Self-cleaning filter system.
Minimizes consumption of water and maintenance costs. Maximum safety and effectiveness of the filtration system. High density polyethylene collectors, composed with epoxy system in stainless steel. Compatibility with different control units making simple and complete communication to the user. Greater safety due to the independence of the hydraulic system with the electrical system.